Monday, November 14, 2011

Lesser spotted siblings: Their looks are familiar but their lives are VERY different

By Claire Cisotti

'Do you know who you look a bit like...' might be a question these celebrity siblings hear often. But while their brother or sisters are earning millions and travelling the globe these lesser spotted siblings have very different lives.

Here we show how similar (and strikingly different) these celebrity families really are...

There but by the grace of God... They may seem worlds apart, but Cheryl Cole and half sister Gillian Tweedy are both knockouts when crossed. Cheryl was convicted of assault in 2003 and Gillian was bound over for a 2002 pub brawl

In the money: While Christine Bleakley earns a fortune on ITV1's Daybreak, little sister Nicole is a bank manager and lost 7st to become Slimmer Of The Year in 2004

Jolie different: Former photo-journalist Doug Pitt, eight years Brad's senior, devotes himself to higher causes than Hollywood by helping underprivileged U.S. schoolchildren

Double trouble? There's a striking resemblance between John Rooney, 20, and Wayne, 26, but after being released by Everton as a youngster, John plays soccer for the New York Red Bulls

Lo-profile: Lynda Lopez, 40, is not as instantly recognisable as older popstar sister J-Lo, 42, but she has built a successful career as an Emmy Award-winning U.S. TV journalist

Bo-Jo's bro Jo: Same blonde hair, same toothy grin - and same line of work. Jo Johnson, sibling No 4 in the Johnson family, was elected Conservative MP for Orpington in 2010

Big bruisers: When Lord Prescott failed his 11-plus, he also lost the reward of a bicycle from his father. Little brother Ray passed the exam a year later, got the bike and joined the RAF

Millers’ tale: While sister Sienna, 29, is a screen star, mum-of-two Savannah, 32, has designs on a low-key approach, working on the family Twenty8Twelve label

Mismatch of the day: Two years younger than football's Gary, 50, Wayne runs Lineker's bars in Spain, which shamelessly trade on his elder brother's fame

Talent contest: Big sister Amanda, 40, made her TV debut on Blind Date (she wasn't picked). Model Debbie Holden forged a more low-key career, featuring in shampoo ads

Close bond: Property millionaire Nick Cowell had a lavish 007-themed party for his 50th this year: And what did big brother Simon come as? Blofeld of course



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