Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tempted by laser eye surgery? It's not without risks

By Alison Smith Squire

Regret: Lois Roberts now suffers from painfully dry eyes

The TV advert for laser eye surgery made it sound so straightforward that Lois ­Roberts didn’t think twice.

‘The idea of just being able to see perfectly as soon as I opened my eyes in the morning seemed fantastic,’ says the law graduate.

She’d worn contacts and glasses for short-sightedness since she was 13-years-old and ‘really looked forward to being able to bin them’.

‘I also played a lot of sport such as hockey and found wearing glasses ­annoying,’ she says.

Her parents thought it was such a good idea that they helped pay for the £1,500 cost as a present for her 21st birthday.

Yet, instead of the simple pain-free experience Lois was led to expect, the surgery to correct her short-sightedness left her in agony for days.

Worse, three years on, she still has ­painfully dry eyes as a result of damage to the nerves that stimulate tears.

Lois has to apply eye drops daily - which in itself is a problem, as ­long-term use can raise the risk of chronic eye inflammation. Dry eyes can also lead to serious infections and, ultimately, even loss of vision.

As well as dry eyes, Lois suffers from constant floaters and poorer night vision.

‘The floaters are like clumps of black lines and dots,’ she says. ‘I’ve been reassured they’re harmless, but they are incredibly annoying.’

Floaters occur as a result of a popular form of laser surgery in which a flap is cut into the surface of the cornea — the clear, domed part of the eyeball.

The flap is lifted so that the laser can remove some of the corneal tissue underneath, to reshape it. But if the flap is folded back down with wrinkles in it or doesn’t adhere to the eye properly, it can result in speckles in vision. Poor night-time vision occurs because part of the cornea has been lasered incorrectly.

The good news is that the surgery did correct her short-sightedness ­(previously it was minus 4.5; now she has ‘perfect’ vision).

But I’m upset I wasn’t warned enough at my ­initial consultation that anything like this could happen,’ says Lois, from North Wales. ‘I would have thought much harder about it had I known the risks.’

This is far from a unique ­experience. Marketing manager Sarah Carter, 45, is taking legal action after treatment to correct severe short-sightedness (minus 6.5) left her with such dry eyes she needed further surgery.

Unfortunately, this operation also went wrong, and the laser damaged the rim of her eyelids.

As a result, Sarah, from Maidstone, Kent, ­suffers from painful ingrowing eyelashes, which must be plucked ­several times a month by an ­optician. She is about to undergo further eye surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital, but there is no ­guarantee of any cure.

Five years since she had the laser eye surgery, she says: ‘I regret ever having it done. It seemed incredibly straightforward and, at the time, I was just fed up of the inconvenience of contact lenses and glasses.

‘But that was nothing compared to the agony I’ve endured since.

‘I can’t wear eye make-up any more, and my days are full of drops, ointment and constant eye irritation.’

Every year, 100,000 Britons undergo laser eye surgery, which alters the shape of the cornea to correct long and short-sightedness.

First carried out in Britain in 1989, the technique was ­marketed as an end for the need to wear contact lenses and glasses.

Since then, a whole range of ­different types of laser surgery have become available.
However, some experts are ­concerned that the multi-­million-pound industry glosses over some unpleasant, and sometimes ­serious, side effects.

Last year, a Which? report claimed six out of ten ­opticians offering laser eye surgery — including branches of big chains such as ­Optical Express, Optimax and Ultralase — gave unsatisfactory advice and failed to point out the risks.

These include not only dry eyes, floaters and poor night vision, but also growths where the eye is cut, double vision, foggy vision, chronic eyelid inflammation and even loss of sight.

Shockingly, there is no law preventing any surgeon from ­operating as an ‘eye expert’ — though the Royal College of Ophthalmologists awards a ­Certificate of Competence after a surgeon has demonstrated ­expertise in laser eye surgery. It ­recommends patients choose a surgeon with a minimum of three months’ formal training in laser eye surgery who performs at least 500 eye laser operations a year.

Laser surgery can have permanent side effects such as dry eyes and poor night vision

The Royal College says at least 75 per cent of patients undergoing laser surgery
should end up with 20/20 vision. However, one in three still need glasses — and even when eyesight is successfully corrected, some will also be suffering from some sort of side-effect.

The ‘overall risk’ of something going wrong with laser surgery ­— including floaters and dry eyes — is ‘less than 5 per cent’, according to its report published this year.

The risk of serious complications — such as losing your eyesight — is less than 0.2 per cent. Worryingly, it admits the risk of complications at individual clinics can be as high as 40 per cent.

Retired optometrist Dominic Devlin was so concerned about the lack of information about potential risks, he set up a website to help consumers.

‘As part of my research, I’ve been to consultations and have been ­surprised how little is made of potential problems that might occur,’ he says. Mr Devlin is also concerned many patients believe laser surgery is a permanent cure and think they’ll never have to wear glasses again.

‘The truth is laser eye surgery is not a lifetime fix. Side-effects from surgery mean some people will still need glasses for night-time and, as eyesight changes as we grow older, the vast majority will eventually need glasses for reading.’

Furthermore, he says, surgery can be much more painful and the recovery time might take much longer than people are sometimes led to believe. As illustrator David Holroyd, 57, learned to his cost.

Eighteen months ago, he ­underwent laser eye surgery for short-sightedness, paying £2,600 for treatment at a private clinic near his Manchester home.

‘I’d seen a TV advert that made it look as if it was something you could have done in your lunch hour,’ he says. ‘I was ­struggling with several pairs of glasses — not only did I need bifocals generally, I also had a pair for reading.’

David says his consultation lasted 20 minutes, the ­surgery sounded straightforward and there was no mention of pain.

Yet he claims that within ­seconds of starting the surgery, he was writhing in agony.

My head was in a clamp so I couldn’t move, but I could feel every brush of the laser.

‘I’d had local anaesthetic drops put into my eyes, but the doctors could see from my face I was in excruciating pain.

‘I was in too much agony to even speak, let alone tell them to stop. Yet all the doctor said was: “We are aware. Try to keep still.”

‘The surgery lasted only minutes, but was terrifying. Had I known how painful it would be, I never would have had it done.’

‘Afterwards, I was in bed for three days, followed by two weeks when my sight wasn’t good enough to go out.’

As well as the pain, like Lois and Sarah he has also been left with dry eyes for which he will need drops for the rest of his life.

Now, though his sight is much better, he has been told his eyes will be permanently dry. ‘I just feel angry that I wasn’t warned about any of this,’ he says.

Mr Devlin is campaigning for a proper independent body where patients can seek advice and complain to if surgery goes wrong. He points out that contact lenses are much more sophisticated and cause fewer problems than they did 20 years ago and may be a safer option than laser surgery.

‘If you have a problem with ­contact lenses or glasses, you can pop back to the opticians where it can be easily rectified,’ he says.

‘But adverse side effects from laser surgery might be ­irreversible and permanent.’

Dominic Devlin’s website can be found at laser-eye-surgery-review.com


Cheryl Cole's £3m U.S. deal as singer signs up for American X Factor launch

By Sara Nathan

Bye bye: Cheryl Cole is set to join Simon Cowell on the panel of the U.S., version of the X Factor in a multi-million pound move stateside

One of her acts was sent home this weekend, but it seems Cheryl Cole still has something to celebrate.

The 27-year-old has discovered that she’s landed a place on the judging panel of the U.S. version of The X Factor, according to a source, in a deal worth up to £3million.

An insider had already suggested that Cole was a ‘good bet’ to join Simon Cowell on the show next year.

But on Saturday night, Mrs Cole was officially offered the job, the source said, only a week after executives from U.S. television network Fox flew in to watch the ITV talent show - and the judge - in action.

Cowell, 51, last week revealed that he planned to announce the judges for the U.S. version in December.

The multi-millionaire said: ‘I’m going to make an announcement within three or four weeks, which is going to tell everyone everything. There will be some surprises.’

He then revealed: ‘OK, one of the judges has quite long hair.’

Singer Nicole Scherzinger, who performed her new single Poison on Sunday night’s show, is also a favourite to join the judging panel after a successful stint standing in for Dannii Minogue at the auditions this summer.

Cheryl with her category on Sunday's results show: She joined the show two years ago

Mrs Cole is said to be keen to launch her music career in the U.S. and flew to meet record bosses at Universal earlier this month. They want to release her second solo album, Messy Little Raindrops, there next year.

Cowell helped the singer make the move away from her pop band Girls Aloud when he handed her the X Factor role two years ago.

Since then she has launched a successful solo music career – and increased her fame.

Mrs Cole, who has an estimated £10million fortune, will earn £1.5million for this series of the X Factor – but will make up to twice as much from her U.S. television deal, as the budget for the show is considerably larger.

The new look American Idol line-up: Judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. Cowell is hoping trounce the show with the US version of X Factor

She is already accustomed to the U.S. lifestyle, having spent weeks in Los Angeles working on her music and spending time with her close friend Derek Hough as she recovered from malaria.

She was in California as her divorce from her footballer husband Ashley Cole was finalised in October.

Friends of Mrs Cole said she was planning to make this series of the British X Factor her last in a bid to focus on breaking America.

However, she may not have to quit the UK version for the U.S. show as it is still not confirmed when, or if, the X Factor will return to UK screens next year.

A show source said: ‘When Cheryl goes to America she will also launch her music career there too.

Big move: Cheryl's relationship with dancer Derek Hough could also be a plus for her to move to the US

‘It’s the next part of her big plan, she’s an incredibly hard worker and she will definitely get a boost by appearing on the X Factor, which is set to be a sure-fire hit.’

Cowell quit American Idol this year to focus on the launch of X Factor USA.

When the British show finishes next month, Cowell will take a holiday and then start work in the U.S.

A source said: ‘This is everything to Cowell, he has to make sure it’s right.’

An X Factor spokesman said: ‘No decision has been made yet.’


'My Katie still loves me': X Factor star Waissel's sex scandal grandmother speaks out as she insists 'it's a free world'

By Daily Mail Reporter

Katie Waissel's 'high class escort' grandmother has spoken out, insisting she has done nothing wrong by sleeping with clients for £250 an hour.

Sheila Vogel, who turns 82 next month, said her granddaughter was 'very upset' when the revelations about her grandma's private life were first printed, but has now started to accept it.

In an exclusive interview with new! magazine, Sheila said: 'I haven’t done anything wrong. It’s a free world and I haven’t killed anybody. I’m just trying to make a living.

We are family: Katie Waissel with her grandmother Sheila Vogel. Sheila revealed she has spoken to Katie, but it will take some time for her to come around

'Katie was very upset at first. We spoke on the phone but she wouldn’t let me talk. She was screaming at me. It was very hard. In the end she hung up - as did her mother and father.

'But then she phoned me and said, “Hi Grandma, I just phoned you to tell you I love you.” And I said, “Katie, I love you too." '

However, Sheila, who insists she has no intention of giving up being a prostitute, says she is disappointed with the way her family have treated her overall.

She said: 'Do I think I’ve let Katie down? No, I don’t think so at all. If anything she’s let me down.

'The family released a statement saying that they want to disassociate themselves from me. I don’t think they’re being very sensible about it, but if that’s what they want to do, then fine.

'I find it very hard. I have the right to live my life the way I want to, but it’s sad we can’t discuss it as grown-ups. If they’re not going to accept me for what I am, I’m not going to say sorry.'

Proud: Sheila insists she has nothing to apologise for about her choice of career

Asked if Katie and her family will ever accept the fact that she's a prostitute, Sheila replied: 'It’s very difficult to answer that.

'It’s still very raw and I understand it was a shock. I’d like to think they can come into this century and become more liberal.'

Sheila, who goes by the name Grand Dame Cecilia Bird on the website for escort agency Mature Courtesans, also spoke about what her work entails, admitting she has slept with over 100 men, ranging in age from 22 to their mid-60s, and earns around £300 to £400 a week.

And Sheila insisted she is proud of her career, adding: 'I have no inhibitions. I’m a good example for prudish people. It’s not the end of the world to be 70 or 80 years old. Live your life!'

Hard talk: X Factor reject Katie Waissel was on ITV1's This Morning when she came in for some uncomfortable questioning from Holly Willoughby and Ben Shephard, standing in for Phillip Schofield

On screen: Katie appeared to be remarkably positive and upbeat during her chat on the show despite being booted off the X Factor on Sunday night

Sheila has even set her sights on one of Katie's former X Factor pals, Wagner Carrilho.

She said: 'I usually like younger men but I would be happy if Wagner paid me a visit!'

Sheila also spoke about how it was having Katie as a grandaughter, saying her 'attention-seeking' side is anything but an act.

She said: 'She has always been a drama queen! Always seeking attention, right from the beginning!'

Katie, who was voted off The X Factor on Sunday night, spoke about the sex scandal on ITV1's This Morning yesterday, when she was asked by Ben Shephard - standing in for Phillip Schofield - whether they had been in contact.

Songbird: Katie arriving in the dark at the London Studios for her appearance on Daybreak after being voted off the X Factor on Sunday

That's my girl!: Katie catches up with her mother Diana for lunch after her day of breakfast television

Looking distinctly uncomfortable talking about the family feud, Katie said: 'Yes I have, but there wasn't really an explanation. I just think in life stuff happens and life is too short, you just have to pick yourself up and deal with things.'

She added that it hadn't affected her performances on the X Factor, saying: 'It's a personal and private matter. I separated that from the competition and kept my head held high.'

Katie's sister Natalie Davis said in a statement after the revelations: 'We were completely shocked and devastated to hear the news that my grandmother has been conducting immoral activities, including prostitution and pornography.

'We, as a family, disassociate ourselves wholly from these activities and from any future stories that arise from them.'

Also on This Morning yesterday, Katie slammed reports at the time that she had deliberately collapsed on an outing to Top Shop with other finalists in order to draw attention to herself and garner more column inches.

She stormed: 'That's so bad - I was actually really ill that day. I suffer from panic attacks... and I think that panic attacks should kind of be taken a little bit more seriously. I'd love to make people more aware of how many people do suffer from panic attacks.'

Ladies' men: One Direction's Liam Payne, left, and Harry Styles, right, get mobbed by fans as they arrive at a rehearsal studio in Battersea

Love in: One Direction's Zain Malik and Louis Tomlinson show their affection for Mary Byrne as they arrive at rehearsals yesterday

The wannabe also nixed speculation that she started the rumours that she and Matt Cardle had been found in bed together at the X Factor house, sparking a furious row with the former painter and decorator.

'No way!' she gasped. 'Matt is an amazing guy and very talented and it was so blown out of proportion, I didn't say anything. I'm still really surprised about where all these sparks come from. But he's a great guy. It's just really weird and I find it really bizarre.'

The finalist also said she was 'nervous' leaving the X Factor house after death threats had been made about her on the internet.

Countdown is progressing: Cher Lloyd and Matt Cardle arrive at rehearsal studios in south London ready for the semi-finals this weekend

Chic: Rebecca Ferguson arrives to practise her next song having survived through to the semis

She told Ben and co-host Holly Willoughby: 'I am a little nervous because we've been kept in this bubble for such a long period of time and protected but I just feel like this is a new chapter, and I'm just going to embrace whatever comes. Some [of the threats] did get serious and it's a weird one because I don't really want to think about it too much.'

It was Katie's third ITV1 interview of the morning, after chats to Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles on Daybreak, followed by an appearance on Lorraine Kelly.

Despite her diva reputation, Katie appears to be making a good impression post-X Factor.

Myleene Klass was also at ITV yesterday morning and told her fans on Twitter: 'In TM studios and just bumped into Katie Waissel. Can report not only does she not have horns, she's extremely sweet and humble.'


Hugs for Mummy: Emotional family reunion for Gillian McKeith and her daughters after she is finally voted off I'm A Celebrity

By Sarah Bull

Happy families: I'm A Celebrity contestant Gillian McKeith is reunited with her daughters Skyler and Afton in Australia

After 17 days of moaning and annoying her campmates with her refusal to take part in trials, Gillian McKeith's time in the jungle has finally come to an end.

The nutritionist survived the jungle for over two weeks, but caused controversy with her frequent 'fainting', which was deemed 'fake' by many viewers and some of her fellow celebrities.

And Gillian said she was thrilled to be out of the camp, telling Ant and Dec: 'I'm so happy, I'm so happy I cannot tell you! I'm the happiest person alive.'

The 51-year-old was reunited with her daughters Skylar, 16, and Aston, 10, who flew in last week pleading for their mother's eviction.

Skylar McKeith-Magaziner, who greeted her mother off the bridge, told last week how she couldn't wait for the controversial contestant to be voted off the show.

‘To be honest, I would rather my mum comes out now rather than stay in that jungle,' she said upon her arrival in the Gold Coast.

'I want her out so that I know she is okay. I am worried about her. I know she would never quit the show, but now she can be evicted and I can get to see her.'

Her children and husband Howard, who accompanied the girls to Australia, were ecstatic when their wish was granted.

Excited: Gillian McKeith couldn't stop smiling after she was finally voted off I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Together again: Skylar greeted her mother as she walked free from camp

Despite her jubilant exit, Gillian declined to be interviewed on ITV morning shows Daybreak or Lorraine this morning.

Writing on her Twitter, Lorraine Kelly said: 'Well Gillian McKeith has decided not to come on Daybreak or my show - should I consider this a birthday pressie?'

Calls made to I'm A Celebrity by the Mail Online were yet to be answered.

Gillian spoke to Ant and Dec after her eviction about the numerous fainting attacks she suffered during her time on the show, insisting they weren't fake.

Gillian said: 'I have a history of fainting, it's not something that I would ever want to do - it feels horrible. When I stood up my legs felt like jelly and then I woke up with the mask on. It's horrible.'

Missing you: Gillian was happy to receive a care package from her family after Jenny, Stacey, Dom and Shaun won a secret mission for the group last week

Legendary: Gillian's many fainting attacks have becoming something of a legend and have gone down in I'm A Celebrity history

She also admitted she had no idea why she had decided to take part in the ITV show considering all her phobias.

Gillian, who took part in EIGHT Bushtucker Trials, said: 'I must have lost my marbles. I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't think I would be picked for all these trials, I thought I would be cooking all the time!'

And Gillian labelled taking part in the trials 'so draining', adding to Ant and Dec: 'The first day I thought that would be it and then each day it would start again and the anxiety levels grew into panic attack mode - I felt as thought I was on high alert all the time.

'I was petrified I was going to get to do more trials. I thought, I've had my Hallelujah moment, I don't want to ruin it.'

Time to go home: It was between Gillian and Aggro Santos, but viewers voted for Gillian to be evicted

Ecstatic: Gillian couldn't believe her luck when she was told she would be going home

The 51-year-old also spoke about the Dreaded Digger task, which Jenny Eclair had taken part in earlier in the show, but which she refused even to try.

She explained: 'I felt like I had a breakdown in that digger. I felt like I was so emotionally raw I had nothing left to give. I would have liked to have tried but my brain wouldn't kick in with all those levers and everything.

'I thought I was going to faint and there would be bugs all over me - I couldn't do it.'

During her interview with Ant and Dec, Gillian was shown footage of her numerous arguments with former Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder, who was more than a little vocal about his dislike of the TV presenter.

Tentative: Gillian walked slowly across the bridge to meet Ant and Dec for her post-eviction interview

Revealing all: Gillian said she must have 'lost her marbles' by agreeing to go on the show

But Gillian said she doesn't hold a grudge, adding: 'The funny part is we got on sometimes but other times it was just frightening.

'He's a warm-hearted guy, he's kind and generous but there are times I just can't take the way he behaves.'

However, there was one celebrity Gillian connected with more than all the others - former X Factor star Stacey Solomon.

Asked who she wants to be crowned the winner of the show on Saturday, Gillian said: 'Stacey, without a doubt - she's definitely the Queen of the jungle in my book.'

Cringe-making: While Gillian deemed her fainting attacks 'embarrassing', she insisted they were entirely real

But it doesn't look like McKeith will be keeping in touch with former Bond girl Britt Ekland.

The Swedish actress vowed to not 'have anything to do with her' following the nutritionist's 'appalling' behaviour in the jungle.

She told The Sun: 'I found her behaviour and lack of knowledge about the show absolutely astounding for a professional woman. She is a fake - a bloody good fake but a bloody annoying one.'

And it's not just Ms Ekland who is questioning McKeith's professionalism.

The nutritionist's former publicist, Lucy Heather, says she believes she has 'committed career suicide.'

Heather told Reveal magazine: 'When I found out Gillian was going into the jungle, I actually thought it was a joke.

'Gillian is passionate about what she does for a living - she feels very strongly about people eating healthily.

'It's something she's very serious about - which is why going on I'm A Celeb... was such a bad idea.

'Her whole career is based on being credible and anyone watching her won't take her seriously anymore.'


Monday, November 29, 2010

Michael Douglas enjoys a magical day out with all the family as his recovery continues

By Daily Mail Reporter

Smiling again: Cancer-stricken Michael Douglas beams as he rides a Harry Potter roller coaster today with his family at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida. He and son Dylan are in the front, while wife Catherine and daughter Carys are in the car behind them

His diagnosis with cancer saw Michael Douglas put his life on hold.

Now it seems the actor is making up for lost time, treating wife Catherine Zeta-Jones and their children to a magical day out at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.

The carefree family wore matching smiles as they took a spin on the Flight of the Hippogriff roller coaster.

Dressed in a casual white shirt, Douglas, 66, joined the fun as they whizzed past Hogwarts castle.

The family also sampled Butterbeer and toured Hogwarts Castle, while Dylan, 10 and Carys, seven picked out Gryffindor house scarfs in honour of their favourite literary hero.

It's been a difficult year for for the Oscar-winning actor, after he was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer.

'It really knocks you out,' he has admitted. 'You just never think it is going to be you. But I'll beat this.The tumour is shrinking.'

Another theme park tour: Douglas and his family posed with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Wednesday at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

After initially losing an alarming amount of weight, Douglas has been looking a lot healthier lately.

On Wednesday, he was beaming from ear-to-ear as he visited Disney World in Florida with his family.

The Wall Street Never Sleeps star and Welsh-born Catherine, 41, who now live in New York, celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on November 18.

While Michael spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Florida, his father, Hollywood Legend Kirk Douglas helped feed the homeless at a pre-Thanksgiving charity dinner.

When asked about his famous son, the senior Douglas told reporters: 'Michael is very good, I spoke to him yesterday.'

He went on: 'He's much stronger now, he's feisty and he is talking about doing his next picture.


I'm A Celebrity 2010: Is this sickest trial yet? Alison Hammond gets the boot after foul head-to-head Bushtucker with Kayla Collins

By Chris Johnson

-And Britt Ekland follows as she becomes the fourth celebrity to get the chop in last night's live eviction

Evicted: Alison Hammond holds a opal yabbie in her mouth during the 'The Dentalist' Bushtucker trial, one of the most disgusting on I'm A Celebrity yet

It's not uncommon to have a phobia of going to the dentist.

But I'm A Celebrity contestants Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins were certainly justified in their reticence as they took part in one of the sickest trials to date - The Dentalist.

The impossibly disgusting Bushtucker saw the pair battle it out as they were given a series of disgusting jungle nasties to hold in their mouth for 20 seconds, ranging from spiders to a prawn-like opal yabbie.

Two can play at that game: She went head-to-head with Kayla Collins to determine which one would leave the jungle after the pair came in the bottom two in a viewer vote

After coming in the bottom two following a viewer vote on Saturday's show, the one-off challenge was meant to decide which contestant would be sent packing from the jungle.

Hammond and Collins tied the task at 4-4, but both refused a tie-breaker mouthwash of pulped cockroaches.

It meant that the eviction reverted back to who received the least viewers' votes, which was Alison.

Meanwhile, Britt Ekland became the fourth celebrity to get the chop in a live eviction in last night's show.

During the Bushtucker trial, Kayla won the toss to go first and started off by popping a big grasshopper in her mouth.

After holding it in for 20 seconds she said: 'I could feel him trying to move around, it was gross.'

Alison, who also completed this part of the trial, agreed: 'It felt like an unwound paper clip in my mouth.'

Alison refused the next offering - a giant burrowing cockroach, saying: 'Sorry I can’t do that one, it’s too big.'

In it goes: Alison pours a spider into her mouth. The pair had to hold the critters in their mouth for 20 seconds to pass each stage of the challenge

Face-off: In the end the pair drew and refused the tie-breaker so Ant and Dec reverted to the original viewer vote, sending Alison home

Kayla struggled to get her mouth around the roach. Ant said: 'Be firm with it as it will wiggle out.'

After several attempts she managed to hold it it, saying afterwards: 'He kept trying to push his way out but once I got a good on, he wasn’t going anywhere.'

The Playboy model was next with a water spider. Both Kayla and and Alison managed to keep the long legged insect in for long enough to bring the score to 3-2.

Foul: Kayla is presented with a giant burrowing cockroach, which Alison refused to try saying it was 'too big'

How unglamorous: Kayla tilts her head back as she attempts to contain the water spider and, right, putting the opal yabbie into her mouth

Next on the menu was an opal yabbie which they held in their mouths with the shellfish’s head and pincers hanging out bringing the score to 4-3.

Goliath stick insects were the next offering. Alison managed to hold on to hers but Kayla spat hers out claiming it had 'peed' on her.

As she had failed, the ladies were even and faced a tie breaker – a mouth wash made of pulped cockroaches - which they refused before Ant and Dec reverted to the viewer vote.

Getting some stick: Alison looks rather disgruntled as she holds a mammoth stick insect in her mouth

Disgusting: But Kayla ended up spitting hers out, not managing to hold it for 20 seconds, claiming it 'peed'

After being given her marching orders, Hammond said: 'That was fair, I've had a great time. I'm so happy but thanks for letting me come along.'

Triumphant Kayla said: 'I’ve had the best time ever and I’m going back with a full quota of stars, I’m really proud of myself for competing the trial as much as I do feel like my time has come and I want to leave, it is still important for me not to fail.'

She returned to camp to the surprise of some of the camp mates who had expected Alison to win. 'Every last one of you are eating tonight. Alison was happy to go,' she told them.

Goodbye from me: Alison hugs Dec goodbye after he revealed she had got the least votes


X Factor 2010: Katie Waissel gets the boot... shortly followed by Wagner as judges decide to save Mary Byrne in double eviction night

By Chris Johnson

-Show's two most controversial contestants sent packing
-Cowell's relief as attempts to 'derail' show with a Wagner win fail
-Rebecca, Cher, Matt, One Direction and Mary gear up for semi-finals

Dream is over: Wagner and Katie Waissel were booted off the X Factor tonight, missing out on a place in the semi-finals. Katie was the first to go, followed by Wagner after he faced Mary Byrne in the sing-off

Katie Waissel and Wagner have been dramatically booted off the X Factor in tonight's double eviction show.

Katie was first to go after receiving the least number of votes before Wager and Mary Byrne faced the sing-off.

The judges then chose to send the 54-year-old Brazilian home, with Louis, Dannii and Cheryl sealing his fate.

Simon Cowell was clearly relieved with the decision, commenting that internet campaigns for Wagner to win and so 'derail' the show, had not succeeded.

Tough talk: Cowell said he was pleased efforts to 'derail' the show had not been achieved, referring to internet campaigns for Wagner to win and so make a mockery of the programme

Cowell said that they had 'handed the show to the public' and Mary had 'sang him off the stage' in the sing-off.

In a bid to stay, Wagner performed the classic 1951 Nat King Cole hit Unforgettable in a pared down performance with no scantily clad female dancers.

Next up was Mary, who let her vocal chords loose on the Shirley Bassey track My Life.

Louis - who mentors both Mary and Wagner - was asked first by host Dermot who he was sending home and he chose Wagner.

Decision time: Louis, Cheryl and Dannii all chose to send Wagner home after his performance, sealing his fate, before Cowell agreed with their choice

Sing-off: Mary Byrne and Wagner perform in a bid to stay in the competition and make next week's semi-finals

Moment of truth: Wager threw his arms in the air upon being told he had been given the chop as a relieved Mary watched on

'Mary this is your life, so the act I am choosing to send home tonight is Wagner.'

Making her decision, Dannii said: 'I want to keep the person in who has heart and soul and a fantastic voice so I am going to send home Wagner.'

Cheryl followed suit, sealing his fate, by voting to send him home.

Good news: Rebecca Ferguson was the first to be told she had made the semi-finals

Over the moon: Matt Cardle and mentor Dannii Minogue punch the air after getting the green light while, right, Cher hugs Katie after being told she was safe

Talking about their fractious relationship, after he told an undercover reporter she was 'just a girl from a council estate who got lucky', Cheryl said: 'Wagner I know me and you haven't always seen eye to eye.

'But you have been a gracious man and apologised to me and I accept that.'

Simon then agreed with the decision, clearly pleased that internet campaigns for Wagner to win the show and make a mockery of it had not succeeded.

Jumping for joy: Simon Cowell's only remaining act One Direction leap in the air after making it through

'I am happy with the decision because there were people out there trying to derail this show for whatever reason and tonight we have handed this show back to the public and, no disrespect Wagner, but tonight Mary sang you off the stage.'

Katie thanked everyone for their support after she was given the news by host Dermot O'Leary, saying: 'I am just grateful to have gotten this far.

'Thank you to everyone for keeping me in this long and I hope that I have inspired people and shown that no matter how many times you get knocked you can still keep going.'

Battle of the cleavage: Judges Cheryl Cole and Dannii both wore low cut numbers, see with Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh

Knock-outs: Cheryl wore a flowing gold dress while Dannii donned a draped black gown

Dermot announced the four acts that were safe first which were, 'in no particular order', Rebecca Ferguson, Matt Cardle, Cher Lloyd and One Direction.

Earlier in the show Dermot warned that the voting was 'very close'.

X Factor guest judge and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger took to the stage with a spectacular showcase of her new single Poison, performing as a solo artist for the first time.

Spectacular: Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and guest X Factor judge performed her new single Poison on the show, the first time she has hit the stage as a solo artist

Sultry: The singer dressed in a stunning red and black catsuit design, throwing off her trench coat midway through the performance

Laser show: The energetic performance, complete with laser show, wowed the judges and the audience

Dressed in a revealing black and red catsuit, the 32-year-old was backed by an army of dancers as she strutted her stuff around the stage. Her motor racing boyfriend Lewis Hamilton was in the audience too.

New British boyband The Wanted also performed on the show as did U.S. teen sensation Justin Bieber with a mash up his tracks Somebody To Love and Baby, which he appeared to mime.

Speaking after the energetic routine, the 16-year-old said he wasn't at all nervous about performing in front of Simon Cowell, saying: I wasn't that nervous. I was pretty cool, pretty calm, pretty collected.'

Teen sensation: Justin Bieber performed Somebody To Love and Baby, which he appeared to mime

Turning on the charm: He then flirted with Cheryl Cole, saying hello to her suggestively

He then promptly flirted with Cheryl Cole after thanking his fans for all their support.

'I want to say hello to hello Cheryl Cole, hello,' he said, waving at the judge from her seat and raising his eyebrows.

Cheryl reacted by laughing and looking a little embarrassed. Dermot then said: 'Cracking on to Cheryl Cole. What a precocious young man.'

New kids on the block: Upcoming British boyband The Wanted performed their new single on the show