Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The return of Jordan: Newly-single Katie Price leaves little to the imagination in stockings and suspenders at TV launch

By Alanah Eriksen

Why the lab coat? Katie's choice of attire was bizarre for a show about modelling

It's been a while since we saw Katie Price's alter-ego Jordan.

But as she launched her new reality show, the mother-of-three resurrected her pin-up persona as she posed in her underwear.

The attention-seeker stripped off today to promote Signed By Katie Price, which premieres on Sky Living tonight.

She added suspenders and thigh-high stockings to her tiny black thong and diamante-encrusted bra.

The 33-year-old also donned a bizarre lab coat, which bore the name of her show emblazoned on the back.

It was hitched up by an assistant to show off her underwear as she posed in a studio at The Worx, in Parsons Green, London.

The mother-of-three, who is newly single after splitting with Argentine hunk Leandro Penna, has scoured the country looking for a man or woman to follow in her footsteps.

Keeping ahead of her game: With her successful modelling career, reality shows, perfume and book ranges, Katie is worth millions

The makers of the show have compared it to the UK's most popular reality show, the X Factor, which may cause Simon Cowell to scoff.

It even sees contestants put through to a 'boot camp' if the have a good audition.

The official websites says: 'Hands up if you like X Factor… And raise the other hand if you're also addicted to pretty much every Top Model series there is…

'If there's a reality TV show on the telly that involves emerging talent, great characters, emotional highs and lows, eliminations (cringe) and a bit of celebrity endorsement then we're hooked.''

Is it really on the same scale? Sky Living is comparing the show, which premieres at 9pm tonight, to the X Factor

It adds: 'Over the next few weeks the model, businesswoman and TV personality will be hunting for the next big thing. Someone who she thinks has the magic ingredients needed to become a star.

'She'll be taking them under her wing and introducing them to life in the spotlight with all sorts of deals and opportunities for her talent to get their teeth stuck into. It really is a once in a lifetime prize.

In a trailer for the show released today, Katie can be seen sitting on a panel with fellow judges, casting director Bayo Furlong and producer Glen Middleham.

The trio eye up several hunky men doing push ups and back flips to impress the judges and be put through to the next round.

Katie tells one man: 'I wanna see more of you body. Don't you girls?'

Lucky girl: Katie will be taking the winner of her show 'under her wing and introducing them to life in the spotlight with all sorts of deals and opportunities for her talent to get their teeth stuck into'

Who wants to be me? Young wannabes around the country lined up to be the next Katie Price

Once the man takes his shirt off to reveal his muscles: 'I bet the ladies love you and I bet you love the ladies.'

Bayo appears to be trying to fill Simon's shoes, playing the mean judge.

He tells one wannabe: 'At castings, it's just as important how you come across as it is how you look, and I think that is lacking I have to say.'

He tells another: ''I really like everything about you Connor, apart from your hair.

This is a reference you wont understand but you look like one of the Golden Girls.

A little help: Katie is joined by fellow judges casting agent Bayo Furlong and producer Glen Middleham who will help her choose the winner



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