Friday, April 8, 2011

Whoops! Eva Longoria pops out of her jacket while promoting her cookbook on David Letterman's chat show

By Jessica Satherley

Whoops! Eva Longoria's jacket button pops open while she's chatting to David Letterman on his Late Show

Even David Letterman asked where she was going when Eva Longoria walked onto his chat show set in a barely-there tuxedo, which ended up popping open.

‘That’s only part of a tuxedo’, the talk show host joked when the star arrived in hot pants and a low-cut jacket without anything underneath.

And she left Letterman almost speechless when the 36-year-old’s jacket button popped open, almost revealing her modesty.

Embarrassed: Eva grabbed her chest and then giggled after the wardrobe malfunction

She first shrieked ‘Oh my button!’ and then quickly covered her chest before turning to Letterman and saying: ‘I’m sorry… but you didn’t see anything.’

Letterman, 63, then joked: ‘Oh lord, we’re going to lose our liquor licence.'

But Eva wasn’t in New York City just to wow viewers with her killer legs and flawless figure, she was actually promoting her new cookbook.

Gasp! At least Eva saw the funny side of the incident as she was promoting her cookbook Eva's Kitchen: Cooking With Love For Family & Friends

The Desperate Housewives actress was talking about her book, titled Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking With Love For Family & Friends.

‘I could fillet a fish before I was seven,’ she boasted as she chatted to Letterman about her favourite dishes and culinary skills.

‘Yes, I cook. Half [of the recipes] are from my family, I grew up eating Mexican food and then American food, so there’s a mixture in the book.’

When asked what she loves to cook the most, she said: ‘Tortilla soup and I make really good guacamole.

‘You have to have good avocados [to make guacamole] and I put in onion, cilantro, and lemon and salt – but don’t add garlic or mayonnaise!’

After playing Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives for the past seven years, Longoria also revealed that they are planning at least another two years on the show.

‘We’ve almost finished negotiating so we’ll be coming back with season eight and nine hopefully soon’, she said.

After filming her slot on the Late Show, the star wrote on her Twitter page: ‘Watch me tonight on Letterman at 11:35pm/10:30pm c! I am so excited.’

Leggy lady: Longoria flaunted her flawless legs in the mini-tuxedo with matching peep-toe blue heels on the show. Earlier this week she promoted her book at Borders in New York City (right)



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